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  • History of the Land Rover Discovery from a G - WAC to present day
  • Home of Project Jay Preservation Group owners of G513DHP & G226EAC

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"Project Jay Preservation Group"

My name is Graham Bethell. I became a Land Rover fan by chance, after I purchased a poorly 300 Tdi commercial from a local dealer for my business in 2001. The next three years were pretty uneventful, as I plodded on with my 300 Tdi. In 2005 I decided to replace the 300 with a TD5 and purchased a 2001 TD5 GS. This was great but after my first trip off-road with the TD5 I decided it was too good (and expensive) to trash. So I decided to buy something for a bit of off-road fun. Trawling ebay I soon realized I could not afford a Defender, so fell back to the cheaper option - another Discovery. I spotted a G registered V8 which had some modifications and seemed pretty cheap. I had a bid on it and won it. G469WAC. Before I had chance to collect the car several other ebay members had been in touch explaining that I had in fact purchased a gem, as G469WAC was one of the 86 pre-production Discoverys built in 1989 and used at the Plymouth launch later that year. After some more research I found a group of enthusiasts who were members of the Discovery Owners Club, and between us, we took on the task of saving several of these early cars.